koria Board

about koria BOard

What is RVL without having RVL laminated board?

User will be able to source for pre-laminated Koria Laminate board from us too!

All boards comes in 4' x 8' size.

You will no longer need to buy a separate laminate to laminate onto the raw board anymore as Koria board comes laminated with Koria laminate.

These are the available boards from us:

Types of Koria Board


3mm Plywood


15mm Plywood


18mm Block Board


15 mm HMR Particle Board


3.6 mm HMR MDF Board


Do I need to separately buy raw board and RVL if I buy RVL laminated board?

No, RVL laminated board comes laminated with RVL on the board. Carpenters can immediately work with the RVL laminated board without having to laminate HPL onto raw board.

What are the RVL laminated board size?

The standard board size is usually 4’ X 8’.  We do not supply 6’ X 8’ due to the limitation of our RVL that only comes in 1250mm (4’).

What is the width of edging?

We supply only 23mm and 46mm. Special size edging is possible but subject to volume.